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Introduction of the international Zendo, Kyoto


Kyoto international Zendo
Kyoto Kokusai Zendo

ajirogasa Abiding by the rules of the Myoshinji subsect of Rinzai Zen, striving for the spirit of Zen and its practice, Kyoto Kokusai Zendo's goal is to create human beings who can contribute to the culture and welfare of mankind. Tekishinjuku Kyoto Kokusai Zendo is located in the rural city of Kameoka in lower Kyoto prefecture, just to the west of Kyoto city, amid tranquil and natural surroundings. Comprising the zendo at Toko-ji (temple), the main hall at Jotoku-ji, and the guest quarters in a traditional farmhouse, it accepts visitors irrespective of nationality, religion, sex or age.

The vows of Tekishinjuku
The vows of Tekishinjuku

As human being, I unreservedly inquire into the essential principle of the Universe. (Mankind)
Rather than criticizing others, I first of all endeavor to examine myself. (Self)
I give thanks for Nature's blessings and compassionately respect all life. (Life)
Drawing from the past, I live today to its fullest and create a bright tomorrow. (Fulfillment)
I respect others regardless of race, nationality, sex and religion, and aspire to a peaceful spirit. (Aspiration)

Daily schedule
Daily schedule

Morning service
Zazen, morning tea
Interior and garden cleaning
Manual work period
( depending on day: lecture, zazen, etc. )
Zazen or others
Evening service
Zazen, Sanzen
Night office, retire

Schedule differs during Sesshin.

Concerning your stay
Concerning your stay

PD Visitors are requested to arrive by 4:00 pm. ( Exceptions may be allowed. )
QD Please bring loose clothing for zazen, sleepwear, toiletries, towels, and any other personal essentials. (Bedding is provided.)
RD Meals are taken formally following monastic practice and are principally vegetarian.
SD The daily schedule is subject to change.
TD Please be advised that we cannot be responsible for accidents or illness.

How to apply
How to apply

You may apply by telephone, fax, postcard, etc. Please provide your name, address, date of arrival and planned length of stay. Please await confirmation. If your plans change, please kindly inform us. Those under 18 are required to have parental permission.


For lodging, meals, etc. we request a donation of 3000 yen per night of stay. For those desiring long-term training, please consult us.
The donation can be made at the zendo or can be transferred in advance to the following account:

Japan Postal Transfer Account:
kyoto kokusai zendo

Public transport
Pulbic transport

From JR Kyoto Station, board the SAGANO Line train from platform 32 or 33. Get off at KAMEOKA station after 30 minutes. Take the bus no. 57 or no. 60 to GAKUEN DAIGAKU, then take the bus bound for KOJI (this bus runs only once every two hours) and get off at INUKAI after about 3 minutes. From there it is about a ten-minute walk to the temple JOTOKUJI.
Another possibility is to take a taxi from Kameoka station.

A few Chinese characters:



The Symbol of Tekishinjuku
The circle represents the ultimate, infinite, creative, liberating state of Zen enlightenment. Its blue is that of our globe that nurtures all living things, including humankind. The triangle symbolizes that supreme achievement of the ancients, the Egyptian pyramids. Its yellow is the earth, upon which we find stability and sit in zazen: a figure solid and at ease like Mount Fuji, spine straight and erect like the vertical bar. The central diamond symbolizes breathing from the Kikaitanden, the spring of life energy, the center of the body, red with ardor, the target in seeking the truth of the universe and man. Each day we live anew, recommitting ourselves to this search with a truth-seeking mind, girding our entire being, undaunted by obstacles.

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Inukai, Sogabe-cho
621-0027 Kyoto prefecture, JAPAN

Tel / Fax:
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Tokoji -23-1784
E-mail: zen@tekishin.org

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